Recycle your K-Cup® pods at work.

We'll make sure their next life as recycled products and compost is a useful one.

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Recycle your K-Cup® Pods at Work with Grounds to Grow On™

Getting started is easy:

  1. Order recycling service online (or through your distributor)
  2. Employees enjoy coffee and start recycling K-Cup® pods
  3. Send pre-paid recovery bins back for recycling

The Grounds to Grow On™ recycling service offers workplaces an easy way to collect their brewed Keurig® K-Cup® pods to be recycled. The process is simple: place your brewed pods in the Grounds to Grow On™ bin. Once the bin is full, present the bin with its pre-paid shipping label to UPS for pick-up, or drop it off at to any UPS location. We take it from there, turning the K-Cup® pods into recycled products — like aluminum cans and shipping pallets — and the coffee grounds into compost.


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