Grounds to Grow On™ - Creating positive change from the grounds up™.

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At Keurig we've been asked the question: "What can we do with our brewed K−Cup® pods?" As an answer to this question, we've developed the "Grounds to Grow On" brewed K−Cup® pod recovery program. This program will allow our workplace customers, those using our Keurig machines in their office environment, to collect each brewed pod and return it to our disposal partner.

Once received at our disposal partner's, g2 revolution®, facility, the recovered K−Cup® pod is converted into useful alternatives, such as compost and energy. Specifically, the K−Cup® pod is processed through a proprietary method, including various grinding and separation operations that ultimately yield the coffee and tea grounds being separate from the other K−Cup® pod components. The grounds are sent out for composting to be used in a variety of agricultural applications, while the remaining K−Cup® pod grinds are provided to Covanta Energy and are used in an energy-from-waste process. All while reducing our landfill waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grounds to Grow On™ program?
We developed our Grounds to Grow On™ program as a direct response to customers asking us how they can responsibly dispose of their brewed K−Cup® pods. Now, thanks to the help of g2 revolution®, an innovative recycling company, every brewed pod is used to enrich soil and generate energy, rather than ending up as landfill. We like to think of it as "creating positive change from the grounds up."

How does Grounds to Grow On™ fit into Keurig Green Mountain, Inc's (Keurig) overall corporate social responsibility efforts?
To have a truly exceptional experience with a company, you have to love what that company makes, but you also have to love what that company does. That's why we take corporate responsibility as seriously as we take the quality of our coffee and brewers. The Grounds to Grow On™ program is part of what we like to call "Brewing a Better World" – our global effort to create long-term solutions and sustainability for people and ecosystems worldwide. In the short term, the Grounds to Grow On™ program gives customers a way to responsibly dispose of each brewed K−Cup® pod. In the long term, we are actively researching alternative pod materials.

Please visit to learn more about our initiatives and how we are continuously working towards being a leader in corporate responsibility.

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